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   Uncategorized    The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business

The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business

Before reading this blog there’s a strong chance you’ve checked your email inbox.

Hell you probably checked it three times before your first cup of coffee this morning.

That’s the power of email.

The number of email users reached over 4 billion last year with that number expected to grow well over 4.5 billion by 2025. Those 4 billion users both sent and received over 306 billion emails last year. Most of those emails were sent from a mobile device – specifically from a Gmail email account – which accounts for around 29 percent of the lions share of email opens.

I know what you’re thinking already:

“That’s far too big of a number. I’d just be another email in an inbox!”

While you’re technically correct, there’s a way around that: being intentional!

Businesses for years – even to this day – thrive off of the success of their email delivery rates. A responsive, invested email list can help you both build a solid foundation as well as scale up your business.

For every $1 you spend on email marketing the average return rate is $42. Hard to sleep on numbers like that, right?

Here’s a few of the benefits of email marketing as well as some starter tips to help get the foundation of your email marketing strategy started (or updated) going into the holidays for 2021:

The Welcome Email

You’ve just fallen for a well-targeted ad on your Instagram feed for a revolutionary new product that will help make grooming your dog easier. After clicking the ad, you’re scrolling through the product page when you’re hit with the classic pop up: “Sign up for our mailing list and get 10% off your first purchase!”

Chances are you’ve signed up and given away your email address for that sweet, sweet 10% off.

And – even better chances – you opened that first email and read it for that discount.

The average welcome email open rate is an astounding 82% versus the average email open rate of only 21%. The reason is simple: you signed up with intention of getting something, so you’re going to read it to earn (or learn about) that something.

This is your opportunity to make the strongest first impression possible on new customers.

Sure getting that 10% discount is sweet, but did you know that the dog grooming company will also donate 5% of every purchase to the animal shelter of your choice? PLUS they sell eco-friendly dog collars? You do now … all thanks to that welcome email.

I could type endlessly about the design of your email, placement of calls-to-action, send times, or other best practices, but the most important part is that you’re intentionally delivering just a little extra information in your welcome email that may entice a new customer to read just a little bit more.

Understanding your target audience is extra important in this step!

The Abandoned Cart Email

You’re shopping cart is filled with back-to-school clothes for your kids to wear this upcoming school year. You’ve reached the last page of checkout getting ready to enter in your credit card information when suddenly a phone call come through distracting you from finishing your checkout process.

A couple hours later you’re sitting in bed checking your email and you see: “Looks like you forgot something! Here’s 10% off to get things finished”; a sweet deal AND a helpful reminder! Score!

Sometimes it takes more than one gentle nudge for abandoned cart emails to be successful (remember how many emails are sent yearly?), but statistics show that sending three abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than just a single email.

Customers abandon carts for multiple reasons: sudden interruptions, cold feet, shipping costs, or even attempting to avoid buyers remorse. Regardless of their reason, automating this effort in a non-invasive, stretched out timeline may help ease your customers into a first-time purchase.

Plus – if they’ve signed up for your mailing list to get a coupon – you can use this time to send them some educational emails on your product to build more trust and confidence.

A perfect storm!

The Interactive Email

Most people come to expect long, text-heavy emails from their boss or co-workers … not from brands. There’s a whole lot of different ways to get a customers attention when opening an email, but nothing beats the power of video or motion.

Interactive content not only drives curiosity, but drives up engagement so you can learn more about your customers moving forward. Noticing a high open or click-through rate on emails with videos? It may be time to invest in more video-based content in your marketing strategy!

Adding video to your email can increase click rates by a staggering 300%; who wouldn’t love to see those numbers! 

Interactive content doesn’t have to be limited to videos. This can include fun GIFs, animated backgrounds, menus, and more.

Earning that first click is important!

Email marketing can be overwhelming at first – especially if you haven’t even begun to organize that massive spreadsheet of emails you keep telling yourself you’ll “one day” use. That’s where we come in! Let us help you start up, organize, and deliver an email marketing strategy that will help you and your business grow. 
Email me or fill out the form on our website!